Knowledge, Skills, and Motivation

It seems people generally are not motivated to exit their comfort zones, to consume information that is not familiar.  In order to bridge South Madison and the rest of the community, though, we need to portray South Madison as familiar, even exciting.
We could present video and print pieces on our platform and on Twitter that give life to South Madison community leaders, artists, chefs, events.  As students, we have easy access to the student body; we could send out an email to all students with a fun video about a South Madison chef, for example.  The excitement from this video might bring students down Park St.  Twitter, I think, is also a good avenue for such pieces.  We could make a “South Madison Food” Twitter account, or something like that, and connect to as many Madisonians as possible.


One Comment on “Knowledge, Skills, and Motivation”

  1. hkid says:

    I really like the idea of e-mailing a promo video to students! It would be great if we could film some residents and students that have already explored the area, too!

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