Millenializing Gen-X, Gen-Y and those Gosh-Darn Baby Boomers: Achieving New Media Access for Older Generations

The important aspect to understand about new media techniques is that we as pre-millennials do not realize the extent those who do not use social media.  Because of our deep – and boy do I mean deep – immersion into the vast waters of social media, we forget that not everyone is as savvy as we are.  We, then, must strive to give said strangers an equal opportunity for friendship with this important lifestyle.

To achieve this, we must understand that many people do not have the skills.  Some may be scared of the unknown, some may use it for personal gain but find no other need.  We need to curb these philosophies and create a new schema.  Thus, by using more offline techniques intertwined with new media techniques, we can help create better associations and understandings.  This will then allow for those to ease into their feared abyss.  Offline technology is comfortable for those who do not have the skills.  Online is not.  By merging the two mentalities, we can create a new comfort level for these individuals.  Although it is tougher to reach this market, we must increase our coalition connections because this is their specialty.  Older generations are a part of groups and other face-to-face programs.  By connecting with these groups – even if loosely associated with our own – will allow for others to know more and attempt to join the new fields.

This is not easy.  Thus, we must teach and show and foster growth.  This then can be utilized to help gain an audience that does not only have the skills, but also those who do not have the access.  By using the offline media techniques, we can teach and show those who THINK they do not have access actually do have access – and a lot of it.  It is this unknown that stops these users.  Thus, similar to those who do not have the skills, we must teach and show and foster growth by attempting to showcase the possibilities that exist in different communities.  Whether it is by hosting learning groups or just showcasing the access hotspots, it is possible that these who have no access will find access.

In this time, the skills and access for new media is everywhere.  We are swimming in an ocean of media, however, we must take the time to empathize and forget that we are not the only ones treading water: that there are many drowning in that ocean.  We must throw out our lifesaver and teach these novices the skills, knowledge and information that we possess.  Only by doing that can we grow as an organization.


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